FFA Playoffs Format

Option A: The Top 4 League finishers will be put into 4 separate groups, and the remaining players will be randomly put into 1 of the 4 groups. This option is modeled after The UEFA Champions League, and it's designed to create 4 random semi-final games, with the top 4 finishers in separate games.

Option B: The Top 4 League finishers will be split into 4 groups wherein they will take turns selecting a player to join their group. The first selected player to join a group will get to choose the next player that joins that group and so on (e.g. Player A picks Player D, Player D picks Player F, and Player F picks Player H resulting in a group of (A, D, F, H)

The 1st Place finisher will have 1st pick, and will have the option to trade a player when the draft is over.  You can see the eSports format below:

We are leaving it up the players to vote for their favourite format...