Game Substitutions

Game Substitutions 

The primary objective of this system is to make games happen, when players are unable to participate. We understand that things come up, and to account for this, we encourage all players to communicate any changes at least 24 hours in advance in your game room. The goal of the sub system isn't to surge ahead in games; each extra game played essentially deprives other players of their games, which they may never have the chance to recoup.

With immediate effect, if your games are up-to-date on the Leaderboard, 2 games per week will count towards your standing. Any additional games will only count if you're behind on games. This is to ensure fairness and provide equal playing opportunities for everyone. Please bear in mind, if you play ahead of schedule and reach 64 games, you'll have pending games on the schedule, which could complicate matters for other players.

All scheduled games can be played at any time. I know it's difficult with players in different time zones, but you can arrange these games in the dedicated game rooms. We've had success lately with players taking initiative during the week by making games happen on their own.

When substituting into a game, it's crucial that you tag and inform the player for whom you're substituting for in your Original game room. Tag @Officer as well so the title of the room can be updated.

Moving forward, we highly recommend that you send friend requests to other players in your Division. This will make it easy to see which players are online during League games and throughout the week, making the process of inviting players into your games more straightforward.

The maximum number of games for Season 2 is set at 64. 2 games per week will count towards the Leaderboard, and any extra games will count only if you're behind on games.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need further clarification, feel free to ask.

Best of luck!