Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1.-  Please follow the rules set by

2.- Please do not use chat during league games; you may say greetings like “gl hf (good luck and have fun)”, but please save anything you have to say for the end of the game.

3.- Everyone is at different levels – so please give constructive feedback, instead of insulting others.

4.- FFA Rules: Do not reveal your color, reveal another player’s color, or impersonate another player. We also ask that you do not post insinuations and sarcasm.

5.  Substitutions - Players may substitute in games during the season when needed. Priority will be given to players with the least number of games. If you exceed 16 games, the average of your games will be calculated. ( Points / Games x 16 )

This rule ^ was added on October 11th 2022)*

6. -  Show Sportsmanship in chat. Say “gg (good game)” after a game, whether or not you played well or if others played well.

7. - Do not chat or discuss anything during games.   Repeat offenders will be given Warnings and Game Suspensions.  The only time you're allowed to chat during a game is if your game is set up incorrectly and needs to be restarted.

Discord Chat Rules

1a.- Please post your comments in the appropriate channel. You may be asked to move your comment or have your comment deleted if it is in the wrong place.

1b.- You are allowed to post off-topic things in #general, however, please also consider DMing (direct/private messaging) the people you are talking to.

2.- Please do not use Discord as an alternative place to to vent (as discussed in Chat Rule 3 and 5)

3a.- Please do not needlessly ping @Officer or @4PC Admin.

3b.- If it’s an issue with a ban from, email for admin support, or DM a admin.

3c.- If it’s an issue with a ban from the site, go to If you would like help writing a complaint to support regarding an unjustified ban, you can DM @ChessMasterGS or @Matttin and they can try to help you.

3d.- If it’s an issue with an Officer, DM @Radon and explain the situation.

4.- Please do not spread misinformation about the league. (If you think you know something, double-check.)

5.- Please do not harass @Officers for server issues. Not even @4PC Admins can control this. Please also do not have heated conversations/flame wars over the starting position and time control.

Etiquette Rules

1a.- Please do not resign at the start of the game because of your color or who you think your opposite is.

1b.- FFA Game Rules - 1 point queen, Old Setup, Anonymous. You are encouraged to abort the game if you see an incorrect ruleset, and you will not be penalized.

1c.- Teams Rule - The gamerules should be: QRBN, Old Setup, "Non-Anonymous". Likewise, you are encouraged to abort the game if you see an incorrect ruleset. Your team will not be penalized for this unless more than 2 moves have occurred.

2.- Do not stall. Waiting 5 minutes before flagging or claiming win benefits nobody and does not make you look cool either.

3.- Teams Rule - If you will miss a game, please reschedule with the opposite team and your partner, or have your substitute play in your place.

4.- FFA Rule - If you will need to miss a game, please announce your forfeiture of the round 48 hours before the day of the league game.

5a.- Please do not spam the takeback button.

5b.- Do not refresh your page multiple times to make the messages “[player color] disconnected” and “[player color] reconnected” spam the chat.

6.- You are allowed to spam arrows and use them appropriately as you please to help you play, but please do not spell out inappropriate words or symbols using arrows.

7.- Please state in chat if you will need a break (up to 5 minutes max ideally) in-between Game 1 and Game 2 in a round. Do not keep everyone waiting or go offline.

8.- Please do not enable blindfold to taunt your opponents or to reveal your identity.

Twitch Rules

1a.- Streamer Rule - During a game, change your chat type to emote-only, or instruct your chat moderators to delete any messages that suggest moves.

1b.- Enabling a stream delay to counter stream sniping for the duration of the games would be encouraged.

2.- Streamer / Player Rule - During a game, please do not join calls or talk in direct messages with anybody discussing moves. This is blatant cheating, frowned upon, and will lead to your removal from the League. Even if you are muted or have others on the call muted/are not discussing your game. Do not interact with any 3rd parties during your game.

3.- Viewer Rule - In the case that a player streaming 4PCL does not have their chat restricted to emote-only, do NOT under any circumstance suggest moves. In other words, don’t kibitz.

4.- Player / Viewer Rule - Do not attempt to gain an advantage by viewing a player’s stream during your game. In other words, don’t stream snipe.